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At this point most of my swimmers cannot complete 20×25 @RP100 on 35s. So I’m planning on having them progress on this set. When they start to make it till the end, do I first move to 30×25 before increasing the pace?

My swimmers are nowhere near to complete a set like 40×25 @RP100 on 30 or 25×50 @RP200 on 50/55s as shown here:
Those are some pretty hard sets. I try to keep the sets as small as possible, so their first failure is at least over half way the set. Otherwise it’s just depressing.

One thing that I have not completely grasped is the interaction between distance and intensity over the course of a macro/meso cycle. Rushall does talk about this in the DVD sets, but it’s not quite clear to me (yet) how to manage these two.