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Hi, Kevin. I understand what you are experiencing. I can tell you that for our high school team, we repeated 12 x 50’s and 16 x 25’s. We did 2 sets of 50’s and one set of 25’s, and we only did this three days a week. Even with these lower numbers, we still had the biggest overall improvement in swimmers than we have ever had. We only had 75 minutes for practice, so there wasn’t much rest in between sets.

In our off season, I am experimenting with my own son. We are repeating 40 x 25 at 200rp. I want to see how the 25’s with more reps translates to his actual race time. We are doing this for free and breast. We are also doing 24 x 25’s at 100rp for all strokes. Obviously, the big difference is we are training lots of 25’s compared to our high school training. Our first meet is in May, and even though it is a lcm race and we are training scy, I’m hoping to get some anecdotal evidence that I can use for the next season. If I can get the same results with 25’s that I got with 50’s, it will give me some better training options.