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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat thru a clinic at Senior Nationals or ASCA Coaches Clinic and heard the stories of “Well Alex Popov, swam the 1500 in under 16 minutes and that he goes 15k a day and he’s a sprinter” They didn’t mention that he trained 3 x a day for max. 1.5hr (not hard to go 5k per workout), they didn’t mention that on days he had great results in practice they went and watched WC soccer on TV and they didn’t do the 2nd or 3rd workout and they never mentioned that about every third day he took off and went to go get a massage. Never mentioned that Touretsky had him do over 100 starts(races) per year each in the 50 and 100 either under competition or practice situations had to be within 3% of LTB to count as good result. Nope just that he did 15k a day and under 16 mimutes in the 1500.

Got me all fired up! and I have to give a clinic on USRPT this weekend in Fargo, ND.

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