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Greg Tucker

We did something similar. Due to lane restrictions our 100 flyers never swam more than 25s all year. We had nine HS girls achieve their CO state cut.
On the other hand, our other 100 strokers swam 50s fairly routinely, especially at the end of the year. We had a similar number of successes as measured by State cuts in the breast and back. Conclusion: You can swim fast 100s either way??

As mentioned earlier, we always arrange our lanes for similar speed strokers are swimming against – and pushing – each other. Conclusion: Kids love to push each other and make each other better.

We also take extra rest before the last two reps. Maybe 20-30 secs. Then we race, sometimes even putting two freestylers in a single lane and racing four abreast. We also work hard on no breathing for last seven strokes of free or last five of fly. On the last rep, we ask them not to breathe at all when they race. Conclusions: The girls like the “reward” of extra rest at the end of a hard set. Then they like to race fast. Ends set on a high note. The energy and cheering at the end builds team spirit as well.

Greg Tucker