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I have three swimmers – 13 year old boy, 10 year old boy, and 10 year old girl. They will turn 14 and 11 this summer. We home school, so our schedule is up to us. Our available pool hours are 5-7:30 am, 9-11 am, 2:30-5:30 pm, and 7-10 pm Mon – Thur. Friday allows the 2:30 slot to go until 10 pm. Weekends are 8 am – 6 pm. I am not a credentialed coach, but I am responsible for their training as we are not a part of a team. I know Michael Andrew swims twice per day, but he is 15. Do you know how long he has done two a days and how many days per week he practices? If anyone can help with specific workouts, I would greatly appreciate it. We were in Tulsa when Michael Andrew broke 20 seconds. It was an awesome thing for my kids to see!