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We did only usrpt 3 times a week for our high school season. Once we were in season, we averaged a total of 4 practices per week. Each of the 3 usrpt practices we did 2 sets of 12X50 and one set of 16X25. We offered a total of 3000 yards per week. Most swimmers completed about 2500.

The other 1 or 2 days were usually meet days or they recovered/worked on turns, etc…

I know it’s not much yardage, but it still yielded some really nice results.

This summer, I am offering about 10,000 yards and hoping for 6000-7000 completed at rp. This seems more aligned to what some other folks are doing here. So far, the average yards at rp for this season has been between 1300-1600 depending on the stroke and distances being worked.

Hope this helps.