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    Nothing profound or earth shattering here, just a duh moment that might help some out there.

    I know I am supposed to let the kids socialize at times and I try to bank in extra time during sets, but we are often pressed to get 3 sets in and some finer point work. Typically after a pace set we do a 300: 100 K 100 FR or NFR depending on the set just completed and then 100 prep for the next set.

    So after a 200FR Pace Set:
    100CH K
    100FR S (with snorkel most times)
    100 #1NFR K/S/K/B

    The first kick gets too social at times and takes for ever, so FINALLY after 2 years it hit me to give them a focus point.

    Now we do 4 x 25s @ :05 rest
    each 25 is a streamline push off for distance, gliding until they stop moving forward, finishing each 25 easy kick.

    I figured since they were in a very taxed state, at times it would be good for them to focus on something very simple but very important. If any of you coaches have done some of your own training, coming off a pace set and into something like core and breath control is anything but easy. After watching this incredible SCY 200 BR from Seliskar, that we need to be doing everything we can to be better at gliding off the wall. It also takes less time to do this then to allow them to kick lazily for a 100.

    ? All The Way, HLA!

    All The Way, HLA!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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