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Question: Are they circle swimming because there is more than one swimmer in the lane? If they are, then that will help in offsetting the added time for a turn instead of a finish after each 50. If they aren’t circle swimming, then you need to factor that into your projection.

When we train 25’s for the 100 events, the start off the blocks tends to equal out the 3 turns they need to do. Not completely, but to some extent.

We are moving indoors next week, and my small group of swimmers will have to share a lane and circle swim. I will add a quarter second to each of their goal times in their 50’s to offset this. I will add half a second in the 75’s. It’s not perfect, but it seems to lead to about the same number of repeats.

By the way, does anybody have a good number on about how long each of the turns for each stroke takes? I would like to factor that into my projections and so would my swimmers.I haven’t been able to find this information