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Hey drpaul, this is my basic plan which covers two weeks. I try and always add some start work and turn work as well. We train approx. 90 minutes with USRPT except on Tuesday and Thursday where we do some strength and mobilizing training. Those days I have about 1 hour in the water. Also, we follow the 30 rep plan for 100’s and 40 rep plan for 200’s and do mostly 25’s. Of course, our goal is not to be able to finish the 30 or 40 reps as failure is adaption but you need 5-6x the race pace distance for that.
I used USRPT this past summer and had great results at zones, the best we ever had.
Hope this helps and would be happy to answer anymore of our team training.
PS: We attempt 2-3 race pace sets per day and sometimes I put distance guys in one lane and sprinters in a different lane, that’s why there is more than three each day listed.
Colorado Torpedoes Swim Team

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