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Might be too late to comment but….

We do the exact same warm up at a meet as we do in practice. After all, practice is suppose to emulate the meet right 🙂 We get to practice, I talk to them, they do a brief warm up, then we race……..same at the meet. And that goes for if we have our own warm up lane or we’re thrown in with 2 other teams. We have also been to meets where there were just too many kids in the warm up lane so my kids warmed up individually before there events. I’m not going to have them beat to death, do a bunch of 1 arm fly, or screw there pace up.

Our warms ups are just that……a warm up. All the technical stuff should have been dialed in at practice. At our last meet there were teams doing 2000-3000 yards for their warm up!!! I don’t get it but there coaches sure do love to hear their own voice barking out those big warm up sets 🙂

Good luck at the meet,