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I’ve been inconsistent with training over the past month and a half. I took a little time off after the swim meet in April. I swim in the evening so I have been unable to train due to thunder a few times. With no meet on the horizon anytime soon it’s been a little hard to get motivated on some days. But I have jumped back into it and I’m going 100% now and I had a good week of training this past week.

I swam a 100 free for time on Thursday and went a 57 high. This was from a push using the pace clock leaving on the 00 but starting to react at 59. I’m not sure about my splits. 2 out of the 3 turns were awful but that’s understandable because I haven’t worked on turns in 2 months. I came in too close to the wall before the flip on the 2 bad ones. I had to bring my knees to my chest which really slowed me down and I didn’t get a great push off from being so jammed up close to the wall. This was decent considering the inconsistent training. I finished strong and didn’t fall apart at the end which I was happy about.

I’m still using a 3:4 swim/rest ratio. Right now I’m at 14.49 which is 4.83 on the tempo trainer. I use 10 beeps on the fails instead of the full time for the failed rep. The 100 free USRPT set prior to this 100 free I failed on 9,12,15. I think that I’ll be able to go a 56 once I make it to 20 before the third fail. I know that this doesn’t followed the USRPT rules because it is 19.32 rest but I’m doing this because I think that I will eventually make it to a 13.5 pace which would give me exactly 18 seconds rest on a 3:4 ratio. The fact that I didn’t die at the end is promising.