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Gary P

My 500 swimmer I am still unsure about. You don’t think swimming a 500 all out on back to back days is going to hurt her a little at finals? Doc, you would still have a distance swimmer go all out at prelims if she was a near lock for top 8?


If it were me and I did that type of strategy I’d have them swim no slower than 3% of LTB in prelims as a target time.

I don’t think I’d even hold her back that much, really. I’d want to see ~the same swim both days to the 400y mark, but have her hold that pace steady to the finish in prelims while unleashing her to close faster in the finals. I would hope to see new LTB’s both days, with day 2 being 2-3 seconds faster. 2-3 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of difference, but there’s a big difference in the fatigue factor between cruising to a finish and sprinting to the finish.