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@lefthanded-swimmer: I understand your frustration, we’ve been doing USRPT for 2-3 years now, and I sometimes doubt what I’m doing. You have to think and plan on the longer term, tomorrow is not (that) important. Where you and your swimmer want to be in a year/two years is what you should be concerned with. Especially since he’s developing physically, don’t underestimate the impact of that, a temporary regression in performance is actually quite common.

It’s hard and uncertain, but make choices for the longer term and stick with them. Whatever you pick, it boils down to working hard, regardless of the training method. As Philippe Lucas says: working hard is not guarantee for succes, but not working hard is a guarantee for failure.

: (offtopic) If I remember correctly, around 3 weeks before a major competition you do test/evaluation sets (4×25 on 1:00, 6×50 on 1:00 etc.). How exactly are you planning these, do the swimmers get any rest/recovery in between the nx25 and nx50? I’m looking for a reliable, in-season evaluation process (other than meets), to make adjustments.