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They still do the failure method. We have moved away from three in the set to they have to miss two in a row. Didn’t phase the kids one bit, and it took them about 2 days to adjust and 2 in a row became the norm.

The challenge is there has to be an objective pace time and not the usual “I want these at back 1/2 200 pace”, most swimmers left to determine this will be anywhere from .8 to 1.5, off what they should probably be holding. If they have a time that was generate by THEIR best time posted in front of them, then efforts take on a whole new meaning.

I wish the good Dr. had never posted numbers. I know why it’s done. But it defeats the whole purpose.

Just a side note. We’re starting to get the kids back from summer and I’ve met with about 1/2 as of now and almost to a swimmer they are glad to be back. The most common comment was been ” I really missed the pace times. It gave me a focus and I knew I had to hold that pace in order to improve”. They commented ” I was lost not knowing and just swimming back and forth didn’t really do anything for me”. Yes, they did a lot of WORK, won’t argue that. The problem is it’s not specific enough. Yes, it’s a royal pain in the !@# that you have to treat them differently than the 13 year old’s in the group. But if someone told you coaching was easy. They lied 🙂

P.S. We had 82.72% LTB this summer from the kids that stayed and trained with us (no brag, just fact). One was an Olympian that swam a best time in her event at RIO after swimming a BT, just 2 weeks before.

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