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As I read the study. I had to convert strokes/minute to cycles/second. We use c/S.
The TP group had lower SR (1.33 c/S) and greater SL = slower time.
The RP group had higher SR (1.23) and lower SL = faster times.

My best SWAG is the old saying “stay long and finish your stroke” maybe isn’t the best way to go? That the RP group is in a more normal stroke rhythm? Plus, they probably train at that SR/SL everyday. I know when I take c/S in practice during RP sets. They are VERY close to what they do in a meet. We do computerized race analysis on every swim at dual and invites. So I can compare RP to actually race and watching the 1650/1000, again is Soooo exciting. But it has to be done and “it’s a small price to pay to be one of America’s finest” 🙂

I know that s/M & c/S are factors of strength and maybe TP with all the focus on endurance training (high volume) trained the fast out of them from a neuromuscular/CNS stand point? In other words they trained the “cat” right out of them or like riding donkeys instead of thoroughbreds.

There is also a difference large difference in MDC and we know that a reduction in drag is the best and easiest way to go faster. So you’re comments on technical skill maybe spot on.

That’s my thoughts.

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