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    Just curious if anyone occasionally has their swimmers do this?

    I’m considering it occasionally.

    Warm up
    Swim your 100free (within 3-5s of pb from push off)
    1st usrpt set
    2nd usrpt set
    Warm down…..done

    Just to see if they’re holding pace & making necessary changes with technique



    I would say absolutely. However, I would have them do it from a dive and make it as much like a race as possible. I think Dave Salo calls these “rehearsal swims”.

    One thing I like to do if you have a wide variety of swimmers is handicap start them.
    EI. Line up a heat and get everyone’s best time for the event. Start the slowest kid first and then
    have every one dive in however many seconds faster than the first swimmers best time theirs is.
    So, If you have 6 kids who’s best times are 1:00, !:02, 1:04, 1:06, 1:08 and 1:10
    then you would start the kid who goes a 1:10, then count the seconds up from 0. The kid who’s best time is 1:08 would leave on 2 then the 1:06 kid would leave on 4 etc. with the fastest kid diving in last.
    This is a fun way to let them RACE with the last 10 yards being very exciting.

    One of the questions kids will have is OK now I can do 50’s with 15/20 rest holding my goal pace but can I do 4 of them with no rest and hold the time. So let them do the real thing from time to time so they can learn to connect the pieces.


    Sure. We even do it without a warm-up “cold swim”. In the 90s Gennadi Touretski did them with Popov and Klim.
    We usually do two a week when we don’t have a meet to go to. Best data is from 100 and 200 TTs. They can tell you a lot about were they are in training.

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    We haven’t done it. Don’t necessarily disagree with it, but we do ask kids to “trust their training”. As I have mentioned before, we had numerous State qualifiers out of our fly lane. They never swam more than 25 flys.

    Greg Tucker


    I should have talked with Prof. Rushall about this when he was here in March –

    The research that backs USRPT talks about building “race pace motor units” – the fitness required to swim events at the training pace, etc. The area that appears to be missing from the research (Cameron or Doc. help me out if I have missed something) is – you are fit enough to swim the event at goal pace – you have the neuroplastic adaptations – but the athlete may not understand what to do with all of the existing potential…. so you can “pray for a result” or you can design learning opportunities for your swimmers.

    We have found that Dive 75s are often a great way for swimmers to learn to swim 100s – a one-off dive 75 going for the goal split at 75 (SC or LC) nail the split (which is fast enough to put the swimmer at goal time pace for the 100) – then convince the athlete that all that matters is hitting the 75 split in a meet …. which will require that the swimmer takes what often looks like a major racing risk…. if they have done the required USRPT work – they will be out fast enough and they will be able to finish… If they haven’t done the required work – they will probably die on the last 25M – the message back isn’t that they went out too fast – they still have some work to clean-up the end of the race.. All of this assumes goal splits that make sense for the athlete…

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