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On average there are 14 to 6 per event, does vary by year (right now I’m loaded with girl 100/200 Breaststrokers and boys 100/200 Freestylers, just the cycle?) and that they have to swim that event at least 4-6 times in a season. Minimum number of swimmers in an event is 4, have to have at least that to be included in the data. I don’t included events that have an “N” of only one or two as it’s not really valid like 400IM or mile. My kids just aren’t that keen on swimming those events or at least not very often. It would make the stats look better with improvement rate of 15% or better with a “N” of one. But again, would not be very truthful. That’s why I posted no data on 400IMs/miles.

I’ve been researching data on biological maturity and most of what I can find (limited at best) is 1.2% up to 3% per year (that might be a stretch). So I may just figure the average an add that into the data and see what it looks like. Thinking there is to try and remove or at least account for things like growth (PHV) and increases in strength. The organism we deal with is so unstable most of the time and a teenager’s body doesn’t know whether it’s “on foot or horseback” Do I grow? grow really fast for a while then slow? then fast again. Gain strength, then gain weight. Now the “boat” changes shape? Now what do you do?

Guess I think too much.

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