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    I started a USRPT newsletter for weekly workouts and training materials, everyone on this forum should find it useful.

    This group of newsletters will include:

    Weekly workouts using a 12-16 week periodization plan

    Technical instruction to perform better and avoid injury

    Teaching materials to learn more about the system

    MyoFit Swimming

    MyoFit was developed from a swimming system known as Ultra-Short Race Pace Training (USRPT). After spending a year using USRPT (2015) I said “why can’t this be used for strength training?” and the original design of MyoFit was born. This newsletter will provide high-performance swimming workouts designed to improve technical and physiological capabilities. Technical instruction and knowledge development will be a big part of this program. This system works well for all swimmers from recreational, to advance and triathletes.

    Separate lists may eventually be created for each stroke and distance so that workouts will be more specific to your goals.

    Ryan Upper
    USRPT Certified Coach
    MyoFit Creator


    New info is coming to the newsletter and community:




    Join the USPRT discord:


    Hey Swimmers,

    I’m glad to introduce a new learning-focused community for swimming.

    What is a “learning-focused” community?

    Almost all other communities in the swimming world (and other sports) are unstructured groups spitting out pieces of sometimes useful information. Ask a training question, and get a bunch of anonymous folks throwing in a tip or two. This is not an efficient way to learn a new skill, especially a complex skill like swimming. Those groups are better at simplistic instant information like “where’s a good pizza joint in Durham?”.

    A learning-focused community uses formal, and non-formal learning structures to develop a deeper level of skill in a particular subject. In this community structure, qualified coaches will be designated and will answer questions with insightful answers usually including additional learning materials like research studies or videos. The community will also provide opportunities for your own learning through lessons, posted training material, and workshops. Essentially, if you present a lot of material in a logical order with skill progression, you will learn a difficult topic faster.

    What will you see in the community?

    There will be different free and paid tiers in the community. Initially, everyone will be in the free community channels and premium services like personalized training plans, video analysis by qualified instructors, and coaching certifications will be added. Every tier will see monthly video workshops that will teach a skill, discuss a coaching concept, or improve knowledge about swimming.

    The first free workshop will be on Thursday, November 17th at 3 pm EST. The workshop will be via Zoom and coordinated in the Discord service. The first topic will be: “Explaining the pillars of Race Pace Training and how to build a basic workout”. The workshop will be recorded and posted in the community channel as well.

    Future free workshops will include basic swimming technique overviews, how-to train different skill levels and scale the intensity of workouts, and basic dryland training with the proper use of equipment.

    Hope to see you there and the first rule of the community is to invite a friend!


    The first training workshop is this Thursday at 3 pm EST! It will be recorded and reposted on Substack and the discord channel. Some things I will be going over:

    A brief overview of the 4 pillars of MyoFit swimming and USRPT
    Technical Excellence at Specific Speed
    Race Psychology and Instinct
    Conditioning and Energy Delivery Architecture
    Coaching Development
    How to build a workout
    An overview of the USRPT manual
    Future workshop topics and schedule

    Hop on the discord channel for any questions, invite friends, and help build the community!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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