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Gruber and Tucker are right! I have run similar system for the past 18 years with 10 standardized protocol sets, 5 free and 5 stroke we run them every week and have for 18 years recording data on each set. Not one kid has quit because it was boring/mandane. They enjoy knowing where they stand with regards to their goals at any point in the season. Wait until they go off to college and come back with “we never do the same set twice” or “they never write anything down” and the list goes on. You want frustration and boredom.

Standardization will create “teachable moments” i.e. “50s on 1:00” pace is 33sec and they swim in a meet and hold 33.6 for 50s 2,3,& 4. You can now talk about how that set relates to swimming the 200s. They will began to see the correlations and know each set has a place in building the race. That’s not mundane to them that’s engaging.

I agree with Gruber. I think that coaches feel if they don’t entertain them they will quit and that’s simply not the case.

and that’s my 4 cents 🙂

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