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I’ve been experimenting with those and trying to stay with the USRPT format.

This is a set we did this past Saturday:
40 x 25’s
10 reps fly
10 reps back
10 reps breast
10 reps free
Then we did turn transition work at RP.

Sometimes I do 50’s with fly to back, back to breast, breast to free and do for example:
40 x fly/back & 200RP (I have them use 200 ind. stroke racepace times since those are close to 200IM RP times).

For those that do not really have enough “real” times and early in the season (Like right now), I allow them to take the first 5-6 to establish a race pace or tell them to add 3-5 seconds on their best 200 time then get the 25 split.

Early in the season I think they need to find success and get back into the sets, so I will do this for about one month before demanding real race pace times. Also, make sure they do about 5x the swim distance before stopping. To help with that I tell them to do 20 before they even start counting misses, just to be sure we have a training response in the early season.

They seem to like the change of pace with these IM sets but I do think that they get most of their IM training while doing the 200’s of each stroke. This serves as more a transition practice and race pace turns, etc.

Hope that helps.