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Oldschool, thanks for all of that information. That is encouraging. To answer your questions, they are all(but one) ahead of where they were last year. A lot of them are within 2-3% of lifetime bests. My distance swimmers have race splits that are a bit slower than they hold in practice and everyone else seems to swim a bit faster in meets than the pace they can hold in practice (Like I said, especially the breast and flyers).

It was a meet where we would’ve won by 80+ points if we hadn’t exhibitioned, so that could be part of the reason we swam slow. It’s harder to get pumped up for a meet like that.

Over the next three weeks we have two meets a week. We’ll only have 8 practices so I’m thinking too much rest might hurt our accumulation of potential. On the flip side, I don’t want the girls who have really bought in to start doubting. And I don’t want the doubters to completely give up. I think I will give them an easier workout Wednesday. Maybe that combined with having a meet on Tuesday will make our Thursday meet (big meet for us) a little faster.

I tried the slower send offs for our breaststrokers and flyers today. They loved it and looked so much better. I’m always nervous to go over 20 seconds rest. I appreciate that input. I think it will help a lot.

Mr. Gruber! It’s always nice to hear from a world record holder. I try to hold my distance swimmers pretty accountable. When they tell me they’re going 32.5s I correct them if I had them at 33s. I think the turns is where I got messed up so far this year. I didn’t account for it and they went in to the meet thinking they’d be able to hold 33s easily. Wound up going 34s and a couple 35s. Guess we’ll just have to work more to get it down.

I don’t like hearing that it could take 6 months to work. 🙂 How am I supposed to run effective USRPT in a 3 month high school season? The few kids who do club are doing traditional training the rest of the year.

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