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So you’d say you are in pretty good shape? If you haven’t relayed that to your athletes’ you need too! It lends credence to the system. The kids that have “bought” into the system are the easy ones. They understand that a 50 not on tempo will affect their time or to slow a turn will impact their time. Trust them, they get it and one sub-par meet/performance will not “break” them. My kids get it when I say “your tempo dropped to 1.65 into the turn on the 100 back and their response is usually “crap” if you are objective with them, they get it!

Meets are “snap shots” of where your athletes are in training. It has consciences those that perform during practice i.e. making high number (mastery) will always perform and seem to be at more consistence in their performances week end and week out then those that for whatever reason don’t perform i.e. attendance, lower numbers, I think you know the excuses, etc.

I’m glad the adjustment to rest interval helped with br/fl. Remember when you are up to your ass in alligators the primary objective was to drain the swamp. You have to THINK! There is NOTHING magical about 20 second rest interval. It is purely a guess! I will debate the good Dr Rushall on this any day of the week!

You can and your kids WILL be successful and it won’t take 6 months. Remember this is coming from a 65 year old swimmer (no disrespect. I’m 60) and while Mr. Gruber may be a world record holder he’s not a 13 + year old swimmer.

The best to you and your season!

I will share what I know and if I don’t know I’ll let you know.


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