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“Rules” apply 2 in a row out and 3 for the set. I’ll ask you a question “What do you do with the kid that’s out at 6 of a set of 20 x 50?” and you have 20-40 kids in the pool, parents watching and maybe asking why is so and so (might even be their kid) sitting on the deck while the others are still swimming?

I knew coaches would look at USRPT and say hey this sounds really good with solid science backing it up and it has volume. Well kinda and it has it’s own set of problems.

I guess I’m one of those guys Dr. Rushall rails about “done this along time” and “guru”. Well the problem is I have. I’ve followed the basic fundamentals’ of USRPT at a determined race speed and often 2. Let them stop when they can’t make pace and 3. I RECORD THE DATA.

Sorry. Get carried away about this stuff.


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