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NICE JOB! Think of you have learned in just a few short months and how much better you’ll be next year when you take that information forward! Now you can show athletes that training matches performance and performance matches training.

“I fear revealing some of this data will make me sound like a horrible USRPT coach” No what you sound like is a coach who used his data to make a decision on how to help an athlete go faster. Her avg 25 speed was 15.96, and her target time was 16.00, man that’s not “horrible” that’s smart!

Just an FYI, you can make training adaptation without failure and by going them on 1:00; you probably opened some “speed reserve” for them.

After things settle down and you have time to look back on race to training and vise versa you’ll start to see patterns, strengths and even more important weakness. Then the journey begins!

Again Nice Job!

Oh and by the way GO PACK GO! 

Oops probably should have asked this before the above comment. What were your girls 50 times? Couldn’t find “crazy” on my stopwatch 


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