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If you have a good to excellent grasp of the Parametric System (PS) and understand how it works and not just paying for it thru 3S then USRPT isn’t really going to be that much different nor will you see measurable differences in rates of improvement. Basically travel at race speed for each of the protocols and let them stop when they reach failure. The Parametric System does address the issue of more distance orientated swimmers with the n x 200 and n x 400 protocol sets. Which is a huge knock against USRPT that it really only address the middle and sprint distances.

I’ve spent over 17 years working with the PS and have made modifications using USRPT research such that we now go as many as 3-4 protocol sets per practice, no kicking or pulling and no recovery days just focus on swimming at race pace and technical skill. Our rates of improvement have gone up .8 to 1.2%.

Your questions:
Much like PS you might give them 8-10 days of easy swimming then start protocols/USRPT sets. That will probably depend on the length of your season.

Warm-up: I give my kids 10-12 minutes to get themselves ready. Each lane has a copy of the workout so they know what’s coming BE READY!

Cool down: Some will swim easy and others will get out.

25s with 20 in three lanes: Good Luck 

I’d rather continue this discussion off the forum if you are interested.

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