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Hi, everybody. My name is Rick, and I am assistant HS coach in Pennsylvania. We implemented usrpt for our high school for the first time this year. We only get 75 minutes of pool time 5 days a week, so we needed to do something different than what other teams were doing with their twice daily practices. Results were very impressive. Those that only trained with us saw the most significant time drops. Those that trained with us and their club still improved, but not at the same level. We only averaged four practices a week (meets on other days), and we did 3 usrpt workouts a week. I plan to keep up the training over the summer and fully implement over the summer. For what it’s worth, our swimmers never seemed bored. They enjoyed the competitive aspect of the training and having a goal in mind each practice. Record keeping was a critical component of the program so that we could track improvement over time.