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Regarding your 2 challenges/questions, I have had some decent results with the following:

1. When a swimmer can’t make a realistic race time goal, I take a look at their technique in practice versus how they actually race. When there is a discrepancy between the two (practice technique looks completely different than racing technique), I find it takes a lot of conversations between those missed sets talking with the swimmer about how they need to change their training habits/strokes if they want to make their practice goals.. A lot of times it comes down to how they execute their turn. After thousands of yards with sloppy turns, it takes a lot of work to try and be as perfect as possible in order to make your time. This is what I love about this training method.

2. Haven’t experienced this problems with boys yet because this is the first season we have done this. One thing I did do after our “big” high school meet was adjust target goals for the next 2 weeks leading into USA “big” meet. This did yield positive results. Interested in what others have tried, though.