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I am actually in the process of putting together binders to try something new this season.
1. the cover of the binder has a chart with all of their best times and all of the target times they might be expected to hit on various sets.
2. they fill out a log sheet that asks for the date, the race they are training for, their best time in that race, the set (50’s on 55…), the target time, # before first fail, total yards at race pace, previous best for that set, and other comments. After each set we take time to log it down. That way my swimmers always know what they are aiming for and what they can consider an improvement.
3. I also include a calendar so that every time a swimmer makes an improvement in either # to first fail or total yardage on target they write that race on that date in the calendar.

I have no idea if this will work but I have shown it to the kids and they seem excited about it. Some of them even made their own binders because they didn’t want to wait for me to get all the stuff and put it together.

I have been doing it for myself and I enjoy taking the time to write things down and compare. But I only work out once or twice a week for about a half hour so I doubt I will ever get annoyed with it like they could. 🙂

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