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Coach Tucker,
We use 2 in a row or 3 total for set. Yes, they will move to a recovery set once out.

The system is pretty messy (in a good way) and is some times hard to maintain structure. It’s a little like trying to herd cats.

100% would be great! We will repeat the same exact workout 3 times in a week so if they were to achieve 100% on all 3 workouts their speed would get adjusted for next week. Our goal is 75% made of total offered for each set. But it realistically turns out to be in the 60% range (they have the most consistent race performances all season) that’s where the 60% reference comes from. That’s why you have to record numbers offered and made. I know you have a lot of swimmers, but pick 5-6 and track them for a while and see what happens. When they race compare race splits to training paces and see if they line up (training vs. race and race vs training). You don’t need to say anything to them just record and observe, let the numbers “talk” to you. I think you will find it interesting.

Just an observation . Once the swimmers grasp the concept you will see a funny change. They get out after swimming a LTB mid-season and they’re all happy and then they realize that their training paces just got faster. You hear “oh crap my 50s have to be faster”

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