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Greg Tucker


A couple of thoughts. A three week taper seems excessive for USRPT training. I dont see this in any of Rushall’s literature. And we certainly don’t do it

Yardage. It may be more important to girls than boys. That is what some of Rushall’s comments seem to suggest in his clinics. Maybe some traditional yardage training needs to be blended in for female distance swimmers. But, if trained properly, she should not die on 200s and 500s.

Do you know her sets for these distances? She should be swimming 3-5 x the yardage of the race. For example, 20 x 75s for the 500 or even 30 x 50 is the minimum. For the 200, she should be holding pace for 12 – 16 50s or 10-14 75s. If she can successfully complete these sets for 200 and 500 race pace training, then she should be able to swim goal times in these races.

Lastly, how is she calculating her goal time for races and then translating it to race pace training?

Hope my 2 cents helps. Good luck.

Greg Tucker