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This site needs a pay-pal account for parents asking for advice and workouts. Really! First we need to help each other.

I’m sorry. But from what I can gather the majority of coaches on this site have very litle expierence with USPRT or Parametic Training Methodology (less than a year) either with older swimmers 14+ and especially younger swimmers. It’s like me telling a neurosurgeon how to perform brain surgery. Might get lucky, I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

We have used the Parametric System for over 18 years with older and younger swimmers and have data covering that time frame. What it has shown is that age group swimmers have no clue, whether they are on “foot or horseback” so it becomes about teaching the system so they have a stronger understanding of the fundamental/skills needed to become a senior swimmer.(period) that they swim fast is nice, but not the sole determining factor.

The younger and even older swimmers are in cacaos biologically speaking it’s trying to grow, not growing, stops for awhile then starts again. How many of you measure your swimmers 2 times per year to know Peak Height Velocity? Developed an IM protocol within the system for age groupers? What about development of the myelin sheath (nervous system), starts then stops, then starts again and we’re going to try and we’re going to try and prove a system off of 12 & unders. The majority play harder with their friends then swim at practice.

I get wanting to be helpful. but stop and think or we turn into swimswam 🙂

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