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Crmejean, based on my experience, two days out of water is too long break between sessions.
For these two days off (passive recovery) body (and mind) forgets new set standards and require new adaptations of two days. Most swimmers, after such a “holiday” complained that they feel pain in muscles and they are sluggish.
Why this is so I don’t know. I have no scientific evidence for my claims.
I would like someone to explain to me why this happens, but on a scientific basis.
When you notice that your swimmer is tired during the week (because of the training or activities outside the pool) give him/her a day off. For fast swimming , swimmers must be rested to the extent that they do not feel any physical or mental exhaustion.
I think that your playing with scheduling is good thing but only for the purpose of swimmer’s recovery.
We need a fresh and rested swimmer in training. There is no quality USRPT set without that.