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    In Dr. Rushall’s DVD he claims that training only 25s (even up to 60 is a row) is a viable way to rain for 200 Fly Long Course. As someone who believes in USRPT and who has achieved time improvements in other events, I am here to say that only doing 25s (with 10-15 sec rest) is NOT a viable way to train for the 200 Fly LC. There is just no ability to tolerate the lactate that builds up in a 200 Fly LC by doing only 25s with 15 seconds rest. The speed that may be trained is so much faster that the speed that may be maintained in a 200Fly LC.

    Perhaps 25s with only 5-10 seconds rest would be better, but I am definitely thinking 50s are critical.


    From my research (im new to this) you can do 25s and I believe that works very well doing sc 200 fly, but 50s and rarely 75s are the way to go

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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