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We didn’t mean to rest but we did end up with rest before our bigger meet. Our better meet was on a Friday so we went 3 hard/normal days plus we only did 2 sets on Thursday offering 50% of usual numbers. We usually train scm but always change to scy the day before a meet, so that week we enter 3 days plus one shorter. For the slow meet we went 4 hard/normal days and we added some harder sets, 50s at back 1/2 100 pace and 25s at 1St 50 100 pace. On Friday we did 2 sets yards, one at 75% and one at 50% usual numbers offered. The slower meet also had a 10 am start time after a bus ride while at the faster meet we were at home on a Friday night. I think a lot of factors played into our being slower, tougher training week, more practices, travel, meet time.

We have a tough meet this Saturday against a d1 program, should be a close meet and it is at home in the afternoon. I expect we will bounce back, we will see on Saturday.