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They could be. If you wanted to have an “IM day” you could use that sequence. You could also “flip” it and start with 100s (this is the creative part, you have to be willing to think outside the box. But respect the principles). In my sequence of work they will get 12 bouts of each stroke in a 4 week period. As you know they swim other strokes and you have to address those. So, trying to make sure they get enough of each stroke is a challenge. I have a cycle that I’ve worked on for about 6 years that gives me 12 bouts of short to long (distance of repeat), 12 of long to short (again distance of repeat).

I’ve attached a partial example of the cycle I use for our MD/D kids. It comes as close as I can get to trying to cover all the bases that each kid swims during the season and gives them enough bouts to create improvement. it’s worked so far.

I’m not trying to be vague. It’s just that I’ve spent ALOT of time working on this and coaches need to invest a little time in thinking about this.

Hope this helps and creates some thoughts

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