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Hi @doc,

Just so I understand: in the cycle “stk” means “a stroke”, not “best/main stroke”?

So for week 1 I read for “stk”:
mon: 100 (1 set long)
tue: 100 (2 sets long to short)
wed: 100 (2 sets short to long)
thu: 100 (1 set short)
fri: 100 (2 sets short to long)
sat: 100 (1 set short)

That’s 9 sets non-free per week, so around 3 sets per stroke per week?
And there are no sets for 200 stk in w1 (week 2 only has 2 sets for 200 stk)?

I currently organize micro cycles differently.
I start of with a swimmers’ main events and try to plan 3 sets/week for this event. However, this way, I never get 3 sets of all strokes in a week.

In attachment is an excerpt from my planning.
In the remarks you can see how many sets per week per event I want to schedule.
And below that which sets per event. This is for a backstroker combined with free and secondary stroke fly.

So to do all strokes, I would have to cut back on the amount of sets per event. That scares me a bit 🙂 Wouln’t I need at least three exposures of a set per week to produce adaptation?

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