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    Just started swimming again after about a 5 year layoff. I have done 4
    USRPT workouts. The first one kicked by butt and I stopped after about 12 25s. Now I am doing 25s on the 50 at a 20 second pace. 12 then about a 2 minute rest then another 12 25s. I plan to do this for another week or so and drop to 45 second per 25…Then see what happens.

    I am wondering how many days should I be working out and should I worry about my hart. The first practice scared me a little.

    Being a sprinter this training is exciting and I want to make sure I get started on the right foot and not over do it.



    first off……I hope someone removes whatever it is beststraus has posted


    Welcome. There are a lot of things i/we do not know about you to give a great answer. Like any times to go off of, swimming background, we’re those 4 practices in one week, etc?

    I would start by reading this bulletin as it goes into how to break into USRPT.

    As for your heart, well I would give you the old “before starting any exercise program, consult with your physician to make sure you’re healthy enough.” 🙂 That being said & assuming you’re healthy enough, USRPT will be just fine & more than likely will approve heart health over other training styles.



    I think a mistake many people make with USRPT (and in training in general) after a long layoff is that they are very excited about getting back to swimming (a good thing), so they go at it like gangbusters (a not such good thing)!

    It makes better sense to go easy in the beginning and to work into it. There is no deadline for getting into shape as far as I know.

    FYI, I have been doing USRPT only for a year and a half and I too am 65.


    Hi Glenn, thanks for the reply. In general what do your workouts look like.. are you swimming every day? Did you notice a drop in times? If so how long did it take? Are you swimming with other people of alone? Thanks Greg


    Hi Greg,

    I workout 5 days a week, but I have been competing in Masters for 35 years!

    It took me three months before I saw a drop in time. My 200 free time in February of last year was what I would have expected at Nationals three months later. Since starting USRPT I have swum some of my best times in 5 or 10 years.

    I do swim alone but swam with a Masters team for many years. I enjoy swimming by myself and I occasionally have a few people from the Masters team join me for a USRPT workout. I just don’t see the point of the kicking and pulling and sets of 5 x 200 on 4:00 or whatever. I am basically a middle distance swimmer and feel that USRPT is ideal for my 400/500 training.


    About 12 years ago I had a masters coach that had us doing 50s and not much else. Lots and lots of fast 50s. I did my best masters 200 and other people on the team dropped their times as well.

    I’m pretty proud of my race.
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