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    lefthanded swimmer

    My son had an injury last year that kept him out of the pool the entire year. This year he just decided school was more important and he didn’t want to spend the hours in the pool (high volume) and face disappointment of re-injury. He swam roughly 3 days a week in a lower level group for around 2K yards. Not exactly USRPT but higher speed more rest in general. He didn’t work on turns during the year. He often missed 4 days of practice in a row which irritated me but what can you do. He swam a 53 flat 100 fly and 1 minute flat 100 BR at state. Now these aren’t D1 times but his second half of each race was more than the expected 2 second difference. He is 6’2″ 190 and 17. If this was football, a coach would grab him on potential. I wonder why swimming isn’t more like this? It just doesn’t seem to me that a lot of yards makes you better at 100s and the above is evidence. Top 5 swimmers were ahead by 1 to 2 seconds. You could make that up on turn work or tempo work or just swimming more consistently. He had the flu 1 week before state too! I’m posting this as data for interested parties not to brag on my son as I know these aren’t amazing times.

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