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    On numerous occasions the numbers done has been a topic. Here’s data from our Mid-Dist kids for the college season. This is just one-half of the data collected for the group.

    First column is repeat distance, the second column is season total number offered for that distance, third column is the number the athlete made and the 4th is what percentage of total.

    These are averages for the 14 member group.

    “n x 25 stroke on 2:00” 133/101 = 75.82% (pwr or spd reserve)
    “n x 25 stroke on 1:00” 338/248 = 72.50% (1st 50 of 100)
    “n x 50 stroke on 2:00” 249/165 = 66.21% (2nd 50 of 100 and VERY close to 1st 50 of 200)
    “n x 50 stroke on 1:00” 217/148 = 67.50% (avg of 2, 3, & 4 for 200)
    “n x 100 free” 208/120 = 56.52 (back 1/2 of 200)
    “n x 75 stroke” 115/64 = 51.80% (if you do the arithmetic you can figure it out)

    Observation: The longer the repeat distance the less race specific work done. We also saw this with our sprinters. So the good Dr. appears to be correct in order to swim as much of workout at race specific speeds you need to be conscience of distance of repeat. Doesn’t mean don’t do it. Just think about it first. What is the goal?

    Thoughts for next season. Drop recording the number offered. Have enough data that I can make some SWAGs (for those new to the forum. SWAG is Scientific Wild Ass Guess). It keeps from having to record a data point that really doesn’t appear to mean much and in tracking 30+ swimmers that saves a lot of time.

    Just messing around.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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