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    Did you read this article about collegiate performance improvements

    How Much Faster Do Swimmers Get In College?

    Interesting data

    I would love to see the data for the college that are using USRPT.


    You and me both! 1. not many or any do USRPT, in it’s true Dr. Rushall’s template that I am aware of. 2. I hate to be a jerk about this but getting coaches to record anything for longer than a year, is just about damn near impossible.

    What just grinds my teeth together is an athlete trains on average 3hrs per day, 2 hrs of pool time and an hour of dryland/wts. and has those rates of improvement. What is rather interesting is over 15 years ago myself and a USA Swimming Staff person did a project of one of the top college programs at that time and found a rate of improvement of .16 per year (nice to know not much has changed). As a club coach, if my kids only improved at .16/yr, I’d have been fired. I get all the difference that occur from club swimmer and college swimmer. We’re talking about human performance.

    The flip side, with kids (parents) the goal is get the scholarship and not so much to swim fast in college. As a college coach you are not allowed to reduce or pull the scholarship due to lack of improvement. So they just put it on cruise control and I see it in practice everyday with some swimmers. How you determine who will swim fast after they sign and who won’t. Man, if you know that clue me in.

    Enough rambling

    ? All that is not shared... is lost.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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