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    Michael Andrew won the 100 IM at the FINA Short Course Championships–maybe this USRPT does work…

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    Yes, yet people will say: but look at his last 50 in the 200 im, can’t swim anything longer than a 100… I say: wait until the day he brings that last 50 home.

    Michael got a lot of stick at a very young age, year he dealt with it in a serene manner. I’m happy for him, world champ, well deserved. Hope to see more of this from him!


    If you look at the data the top 8 have an average of 3.39 deviation from first 50 fly to last 50 free. MA’s was 6.59? They have a very legitimate question about USRPT training.

    If he is sticking strictly to USRPT training principles with (regards to distance of repeats) then he is going to run into trouble.

    I have found that if you take the 50 split time of free and double it that should be the “no slower than” speed for n x 100s on 2:00/1:30 for IMers. So he should be 31.08 x 2 = 1:02.16 or 55.95 (converted from scm to scy) on that type set.

    Just thinking out loud,


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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