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    This was posted by Glenn in another topic so thanks to him. Thought I would post it separate.

    Even mentions this site which is cool. I just skimmed it for now but did notice that instead of 3-5x race length for a set it has 5-6x. Not sure if I had it wrong to begin with. Also mentions 2-3x for 800/1500 and 3-5x for 400’s.


    thrilled to read this and he clarifies a few things for me, but I still have a lingering question… in earlier papers Dr Rushall implies that one repetition sit-out is ideal after a failed target. Later in his works he recommends two interval sit-outs after a failure, but states it in the context that it is because it helps to avoid collisions on butterfly or problems with people starting on opposite ends when doing things like 75’s.
    So, which is it? One sit-out when it can work, and two only if we need to accomodate training space and organization? Or is it better to just do two interval sit-outs all the time for consistency?

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    that’s how I read it, but I think that I still will choose consistency… Rushall makes it seem like the rest after a fail doesn’t matter so much since it is above the twenty second threshold. right now I am allowing one sit-out except on fly and 75’s free. Just really don’t want to do it for all races if it is not optimal. I hope he clarifies soon. I am probably worried over nothing but dammit, I said I was doing this season by the book!

    I came into this world naked, toothless and screaming and that's exactly how I plan to go out.


    Thanks for posting this separate. I missed it before. I will be re-reading several times – as I seem to need to do with all of the papers. Please forgive me if you feel I ask questions that are obvious or have been asked before. I have MS and have noticed some significant cognitive issues popping up. Because of this, I am second guessing myself all the time. I hesitate to make changes for fear of confusing and undermining my kids’ confidence in their training. We have been following the 3-5x yardage – usually going with 4x. I was already doing 30×100 to train for 1500, so I guess that was correct. We have been resting for 20 seconds after everything with the only exception being 30 seconds after our 100s. Please help me be correct. We want to give USRPT a full effort. For less than 50s, rest should only be 15 seconds? Sets should be 5-6x race distance up to and including 200s?


    –On the point behind resting 20 seconds, resting 1 repetition, or resting 2 repetitions–

    It is my understanding that your most important priority is race-pace swimming.

    So if you get nothing else, you must get your athletes swimming at race-pace.

    Once they are swimming at race-pace, THEN you want to tinker with the rest interval. If they are kicking each other, or hitting each other’s wakes real bad, then they will not swim at race-pace, and you are veering away from the specificity principle and losing the neuro-physiological advantage of RPT.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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