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    Hi all,
    Kind of a basic question…what sort of rest intervals should be used for:
    25s at 100 race pace
    50s at 200 race pace
    50s at 500 race pace
    75s at 500 race pace

    also wondering if anyone has some ideas on training specifically for the scy 50


    The simplest answer is “the shortest interval that allows them to hold pace”.

    ? All that is not shared... is lost.


    Depends if you are looking for a speed exercise or a (speed-)endurance exercise.

    In pure USRPT you would use 15s rest for 25’s and 20s rest for 50’s and more.

    I usually do (SCM):
    25’s on 35s
    50’s 200 pace on 1:00
    50’s 400 pace on 55/1:00
    75’s 400 pace on 1:10/1:15
    100’s 400 pace on 1:30

    training for a 50 is mostly technical, work on turns, break out, starts, under water kicks
    Swimming exercises:
    – 25’s MAX speed with start, on 3/4/5 mins
    – 25’s split 50 / 2, on 2:00
    – 6-7s max efforts on cord (with resistance)
    – max sprints with fins and paddles
    – running turns: take a few running steps on deck, dive in, take 3/4/5 strokes and do turn at overspeed

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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