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    Hello, I was a swimmer in high school I was training traditional style in highschool, a lot of yardage very few race pace actual training. I was severely overtrained and I could feel it. At the start I was working out with a coach on my own so the times were tailored for me exactly and I was getting better really fast, but as soon as I got to a specific level I was joined to the elite group which was too fast for me and from there it went downhill times were alwasy too fast for me and I was overtrained, disappointed, and soon progress completely stopped and I stopped swimming. Currently I am a sophomore in college, and I returned to swimming. My body is fresh, I am bigger and stronger rn but I don’t have as much stamina as I did before. I have been swimming for almost a month and a half, the first month was traditional swimming trying to build my base of endurance, then I have started reading about usrpt, and started doing usrpt sets for two weeks now. I have a few questions about what I should do. So I am thinking I might target 100-200 free and fly for now. But, given my absolutely non existent endurance, I tend to fail really early in fly. I am keeping a log of all my workouts and the failures and regularly graphing my performances in practice. So, mainly my question has two parts first, should I start by working on my 200s to build my endurance while still targeting race-pace specific skills (Which I really fail fast in as I’m doing 50s/75s) or should I keep working on the 100s (I am really good at getting good times, and can keep it longer and I see a lot of progress fast) and implement the 200s work when I am strong/has more endurance? second, should I stick to working more on my freestyle for the mean time, as I fail in the fly really really fast? Thank you and sorry for the long post.

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