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    This breaks all of the rules and I don’t recommend it but…
    200 fly set
    -Failed first 4 by a lot with rests built in
    -Took rest made 1
    -Failed another 4 by a lot even with extra rest
    -Told swimmer I didn’t care how many times they failed – the set wasn’t over until they made 15 repeats
    -Swimmer made 14 of the next 15 repeats


    Repeats were 50s at 200 pace- just in case someone thought I made the swimmer do repeats of 200s fly.


    USRPT forces the swimmer to take responsibility for their own workouts. It’s easy to slack, but they shoot themselves in the foot. I have my share of lazy ones too, I think it’s far more important to try to make them change their attitude, rather than forcing them to complete sets. The latter is not a long term solution.


    Motivation is an important factor and the swimmer certainly found the knowledge that they had to make 15 repeats motivating. Forcing someone who might not be capable of making their time to try and make their time can be counterproductive. I thought this person was capable of making it though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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