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    Finally back in the water after a long layoff!

    However we have moved to a LC pool and it is presenting some new challenges.

    Obviously there are options like stopping in the middle or 50s as 25 at p100/25 easy, but both of these have shortcomings that are pretty obvious as soon as you see them.

    Infrequently you can do 50s at P100 (Ive used P100 +1-3 depending on stroke and swimmer as a starting point as this work is incredibly difficult LC and I’ve found that roughly approximates back end speed), but it is a very taxing set.

    I’ve made the decision to emphasise 200+ events, as they are more easily trained LC, but most of my swimmers are 50/100 stroke and 200 IM swimmers, so it isn’t really ideal long term.

    Obviously we are all thrilled to be back in the water, but I was interested to see how some other coaches have or would deal with these sort of challenges.

    I’m also just trying to get any sort of conversation happening as it is a shame this forum is dead. Not a lot of forums like this available for coaches.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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