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    Our biggest difficulty is doing 200 pace in the LCM pool we have everyday.

    Part surely is on us to make this a more exciting prospect for them, but the group as a whole is struggling. Even doing these on slightly longer, 25ish seconds, kids still aren’t holding pace. We do not do 200 fly pace in the LCM pool. I have adjusted and the kids are to attempt rate and speed for 25 or 35m to get acclimated as we try and build confidence towards repeat 50s. The other strokes are a huge mental hurdle to jump/hill to climb/etc.

    Is anyone else have problems training 200 long course pace in a 50m pool at a repeat distance of 50m? Solutions?


    ? All The Way, HLA!

    All The Way, HLA!


    I wouldn’t change the rest time from 20 seconds. I would change the target time.

    I don’t know if you have been doing USRPT for an extended time or not, but I believe that if you make the target time a bit easier, the swimmers can get some confidence making the target time. Once they do that, then have them work at actual 200 RP.

    You might try starting out at 2 seconds above their target time, then once they can make 20 of them, bring it down another second.


    Coach Erik,
    We have the same struggles. Every season when we switch over from SCM to LCM they will “plug and chug” on the 50s and we do them 3 times a week free and 3 times a week stroke and takes them 4-6 weeks to get in the groove.

    We don’t adjust pace “slow down to go faster?”. The best success has been in the early season is to adjust the set instead of 12-20 x 50 as a straight set. We will break them into sets of 6-8 and do 4 to 5 rounds with an additional :20/:30 rest between rounds. Watch their respiration rate as a guide if by the end of 20/30 seconds they could hold a conversation with someone then rest was too long and readjust. Usually into the second and third rounds nobody is talking to anybody regardless if it’s 20 or 30 seconds 🙂 As the season progress and they have “accumulated some potential” we then will move into more of a straight set i.e. 12-20 x 50 and do that set 2x.

    just a thought

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    The Nepean Swim Club just outside Ottawa Ontario used to run a spring meet called Eagle-Beaver – which was attended by a number of US clubs still training SCY as the LC outdoor pools were not yet open. Canadian teams has indoor LC pool – therefore had been training LC for some time….the US swimmers blew us out of the water at the meet – no LC training – just a lot of – fast at the time – swimming – the US swimmers put SC stroke rates into LC swimming it appeared to work quite well.

    Mark Temple a Canadian Coach who has been working in the US for many years used to talk about how LC RACING provided the bulk of his LC training.

    Suggest that if you are trying to build “motor units” for racing – you had better be training at Race Pace – if it’s not working LC – what are you helping your swimmers to build? Could be tough-slow swimming …they are not handing out medals for tough – slow – 2 hour workout swimming…

    Q: What do you expect to get out of LC Training? Q: How do you help your swimmers LEARN to race LC?
    Q: What skills/understandings does a swimmer need to have to be able to hold stroke length and stroke rate for a LC 50? Q: Same question for doing the same thing for the next x 50s of the race – Is that trained or learned?

    Think about USRPT in a SC pool – and one off learning swims done LC –


    I agree with wrmscoach. In the west during the olympic year a number of meets we go to are run LC (opportunities for trial cuts) during the SC season. We have no ability to train LC at that time and have always done very well at those meets.

    I would prefer to train SCM year-round. Better speed, technical skill and easy to convert LC times.

    Mark Temple, that’s a blast from the past! Listened to him speak at a Western States Coaches Clinic in California, mid 80s it was an excellent talk!

    "Only in America. Dream in red, white and blue"

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