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    I like try new things especially if they are hard, but I don’t want to be stupid. Are there a few people out there with experience of injuries and when not to train? I have a tweak in my sinovial membrane around my knee and slight swelling which causes some pain. How should I train or should I not train with a knee injury? Specifically with USRPT which I tried once and seems to put an intense load on the body. One other question, what about warm water how dangerous is 85 or 90 degrees Fahrenheit water to an individual when training hard? I’ve heard there are some dangers, but don’t have any specifics or how to avoid besides watching for it and staying hydrated.


    No on both counts.. Because of the higher intensity of USRPT, body temp elevates, and without proper water temp, performances drop, and hence, defeats a primary motivator of USRPT. This added intensity won’t help the knee either… The lighter yardage might, but the negatives would seem to outweigh the positives in this case.




    The pool temp is an easy one…..I agree with Rob, too warm to be productive & could possibly be dangerous. The ocean where I live is 84. We were in it last weekend & it wasn’t even refreshing. I couldn’t imagine trying to perform 2-4 USRPT sets in it.

    As far as the knee, when I’m not trying to make kids go faster, I’m a Chiropractor (15yrs). Like any patient on the phone or email, there’s a lot of info I don’t about you & your knee (age, new injury, mechanism of injury, mri/xray?, etc, etc) so I would err on the side of caution & wait til it heals.

    I guess you could do a little stroke work or some pulls to stay in the pool but we dumped 99% of that when we began USRPT.



    Dr. Paul. I see where you are a Chiropractor in the post and pretty much supports the lay off depending on the injury. My 8 year old have complained about her knee during breaststroke and for a while had stopped swimming breaststroke. Being on USRPT, she is able to swim all other stroke and break records but only with the breaststroke feel pain.

    Took her to the doctor and he stated that since the pain is activity specific and not constant he suspected the Vastus Medialis was not keeping the knee cap in place during the technical Breaststroke Kick. I believe breaststrokers are born not made (smile). He recommended she ride her bike with knees and toes forward to strengthen the Vastus Medialis and we did some band work to strengthen the muscles. She did limited breaststroke training and was able to swim a personal best afterwards. Is there any other exercise that can be added to strengthen the muscle and is this common with female swimmers?

    From the little island of Jamaica

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