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    Miklos Petras

    Hi Everybody!

    I make camera footages of my swimmers regularly. They’re swimming 25s, 100m race-pace, 15-20s rests, 20 reps, USRPT-style. Only difference is when they swim ‘for the camera’, I don’t let them stop at failures, ’cause I’d like to know what changes in their technique when they swim slower. I’m completely stuck with this guy though. Can anyone help me what’s different when he swims a way faster than his race-pace (16.8) and when he swims 3 seconds slower? 3 seconds in 25m are an eternity…
    He’s my best swimmer, and I’m stuck with his BR-development. Almost 2 years ago, his PB was 1:11.27, 5th place at the Nationals. Now, his PB is 1:10.99, only 0.3 seconds better, that’s just virtually nothing. He developed fine in BF, BK and FS, even IM, but we’re stuck with his BR – and it used to be his best event.

    Any advice is appreciated!


    lefthanded swimmer

    He is lifting with his head and his eyes are looking straight ahead at the peak of his body lift. His head should be aligned with his body. Have him swim with a tennis ball between his chin and chest to give him the feel of lifting with his body and not his head. Something is also going on with his scull. An expert breast stroker might want to comment. He is cocking his hands oddly during the outsweep and it appears to be slowing down his arm cycle with little benefit. I hope this helps!


    Ya, he’s pushing a lot of water to the sides of his body instead of backward.

    Also, he’s almost completely through the power phase of his kick before his head is down. Have him finish the pull, with a lower head (comment above), enter the streamline as his thighs move forward. Kick while streamlined. It will take a bit to relearn the timing.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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