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I’ve been doing USRPT for about 9 or 10 weeks now. However, there still seems ot be a few swimmers who are struggling with the transition. I’ve also been doing too many 200pace sets over 25m, which means once we stratch to 50m repeats they blow up.

At the moment the biggest issue seems to be psychology. If I write 30×25 on the board, half the group go into ‘I need to make 30, I’d better save myself’ mode. The rest do a reasonably good job.
All have admitted to me that they sometimes fail on purpose, just to get a rest. I am thankful for their honesty, but that is unacceptable.

What I’ve been doing the last 2 weeks is a variation on the theme, with programmed breaks.
e.g. 30x25m FR @ 100pace on 30/35 becomes 4x[6×25 FR @ 100pace on 30/35] with 30sec rest b/w sets.
They are then given a total repeats made target at the start of each set.
The first set is the ‘warm-up’, in the same way the the first 5 repeats in a normal USRPT set are.
The next 3 sets are swum in the same way that you would a normal USRPT set; swim to fail, rest, move on to the next set of 6.
Once you fail 3 times, you’re out.

Since doing it this way, they have all made 2-3 more repeats than normal, and their overall attitude is more positive.

We also do not use the term ‘failure’ in our program, instead we all start each set with 3 lives, like in a computer game. Once you lose 3 lives, you’re out.

I’d appreciate any feedback on this format.